Is the Bermuda Triangle really a mystery, or just a conspiracy?  

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An examination of the happenings in and around the Bermuda Triangle show that this supposed mysterious area is not necessarily a myth or a conspiracy. In fact, the happenings in the Bermuda Triangle are not much different from the events that happen in other parts of the ocean. 

However, it is true that there has been much more discussion about the mysteries and unexplained circumstances at the Bermuda Triangle. For the most part, this can be explained by the publication of multiple books in the early 1970s that capitalized on some of the "mysteries" surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

In 1975, author Larry Kusche published the book The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved in which he debunked many of the findings from earlier books. Kusche claimed that some of the "mysterious" disappearances weren't actually mysterious at all. Kusche also asserted that some of the cases discussed in other books had never even happened.

Despite the publication of this book, the damage had been done by the assertions made in prior books that talked about the "mysteries" of the Bermuda Triangle. To this day, many of the conspiracy theories and debunked mysteries continue to be quoted and referenced, even though they have largely been discredited. 

The following should be remembered as well: the area in and around the Bermuda Triangle is often traveled by inexperienced sailors and small ships. Sometimes, the wrecks and unfortunate circumstances that happen in the area are simply due to user error.

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