Is the Bermuda Triangle a place of mystery, or is it all rumors?

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The Bermuda Triangle covers an area in the Atlantic Ocean that goes approximately from Miami to Puerto Rico to Bermuda, making a triangular shape. There have been several instances of unexplained disasters occurring within this triangular area. Planes and ships have disappeared and never been found. Sometimes, these events occurred when the weather was very good.

Because of these events, some people say mysterious forces caused these events to occur. Christopher Columbus reported a great crash of fire into the water that was followed by unusual compass readings. The range of theories runs from aliens, to reverse gravitational field, to eruptions of methane gas from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. There doesn’t seem to be a disproportionate amount of incidents happening in this area when compared to incidents that have happened in other areas, though. It is probably more of a coincidence than anything else. Lloyd’s of London, which insures shipping vessels, doesn’t consider this area to be a high-risk area. If it did, it would charge higher insurance rates on vessels that travel through the Bermuda Triangle. Thus, while some mysterious events have occurred here, there is no proof that these events were caused by some unusual feature of the Bermuda Triangle.

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