For director Ingmar Bergman, upon what is cinema based?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For Bergman, cinema is based on the idea of exploring the philosophical condition of humanity.  Bergman played with the idea of the human metaphysical state in his films.  He did not necessarily believe in the structure of a direct narrative, but rather used film as a way to explore philosophy and the impact it has on human relationships.  For example, in The Seventh Seal, the chess game with death is often seen as a exploration of the philosophical state of mortality with death.  In Autumn Sonata, the focus was the philosophical state of emotional connections between individuals, particularly family members.  Wild Strawberries was set with the questions of what is love and why one needs it.  It is philosophical introspection that guides Bergman's work and becomes the frame for it.  Bergman used the idea of philosophy in his work and from this, there is greater understanding of how individuals are impacted by it. This is not a traditional approach to filmmaking, as the traditional needs of a script, character development, and plot structure are set amindst philosophical inquiry.