In Beowulf, what happens to the sword Beowulf uses against Grendel's mother?

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The sword that Beowulf uses to kill Grendel's mother is the sword that he discovers in her lair once he gets there and faces almost certain defeat at her hands. This sword is described as having been created by the giants and imbued with their magic. Although Beowulf brings Unferth's sword, Hrunting, with him, that sword is unable to pierce Grendel's mother, because she, like her son, is enchanted to withstand most blades. Once Grendel's mother is killed and Beowulf decapitates Grendel, the blade begins to melt and eventually disappears completely because of the evil in Grendel's mother's blood. The story narrates: "Now that sword began, / from blood of the fight, in battle-droppings, / war-blade, to wane: / ’twas a wondrous thing / that all of it melted as ice is wont / when frosty fetters the Father loosens." So, Beowulf brings Grendel's head and the jewel-encrusted hilt of the sword back to the surface as trophies of his battle and presents them to King Hrothgar. In response, Hrothgar gives Beowulf many gifts to take back to his own land.
It is worth noting that this sword represents one of the ways in which the text as a whole struggles between the Anglo-Saxon mythologies and Christianity. The "magical sword" that is melted by God because of the evil in Grendel's mother creates an interesting pairing between the two religious ideologies.
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The first time Beowulf tried to strike Grendel's mother with the sword, Hrunting, given to him by Unferth, nothing happened and he realized that no man-made sword could cut through her skin.  Beowulf dropped the sword and it lay on the floor of Grendel's mother's lair.  When Beowulf continued to fight the monster and she was on him, trying to strike him with her own dagger, he saw the sword on the wall.  This sword was made by and blessed by giants.  This time when he swung at Grendel's mother, he sliced off her head.  With her dead, Beowulf went in search of Grendel's body and lopped off his head.  The sword, now covered in blood from both monsters, melted like ice and was gone except for the hilt which Beowulf brought to the surface along with Grendel's head.  Beowulf presented both of these treasures to Hrothgar.

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