In the Beowulf story, where does Grendel go to die?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator
King Hrothgar built a mead hall named Heorot for his people. The mead hall was the biggest in the region, but the people did not get a chance to enjoy it because of Grendel’s persistent attacks. Grendel attacked and killed the people until they abandoned the mead hall. Hrothgar’s warriors tried to fight the monster to no avail. News of the monster and its brutal attacks spread far and wide, and the information reached Beowulf. Beowulf and a group of warriors made their way to the Danes to help them deal with the monster. Beowulf and his team were well received and a ceremony held to honor them and their dangerous venture. Grendel attacked the warriors as they rested in Heorot. The monster devoured one of the warriors before attacking Beowulf. However, Grendel felt Beowulf’s strength and tried to escape, but the hero held on to the monster and a vicious battle ensued. Grendel suffered a fatal wound after his arm was severed from his body. The monster ran back to its den in the dark moors and died there.
booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the epic adventure of Beowulf, the monster attacks the mead hall for twelve winters. Eventually, Beowulf, a hero in his own right, who has heard of the problems of the Danes, travels across the seas to see if he can help.

On the night that Beowulf and Grendel finally face each other, the creature enters expecting to go unchallenged and have his way in the hall, unthwarted. Beowulf is something of a surprise not only because he resists, but because he is so strong. The monster manages to take the life of one unsuspecting warrior, but when he grabs Beowulf, the battle ensues. As the creature realizes he faces no ordinary man, he tries to flee, but Beowulf will not release him, and rips off Grendel's arm.

Bleeding "nigh unto death," the creature returns to his lair in the fens (swamps) to die.

lisa-barbieri | Student

in beowulf, grendel retreats to the bottom of a lake or pond with his mother after beowulf tears his arm off.

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