Beowulf a selfish hero I need quotes and page numbers for my critical analysis argument paper of how Beowulf is selfish.

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I have an online version so no page numbers. There is this quote: "And I promise you that whoever sleeps in Herot...they, and you may now sleep without fear of either monster, mother or son" and it demonstrates that Beowulf's main concern is redeeming his family name and is father, which can be considered selfish or unselfish depending on your perspective!

Although I don't agree that Beowulf is selfish, I think that the lines quoted in #2 represent the one area that he could be considered to be selfish depending on your point of view. It is possible to see him as having mixed motives in pursuing the dragon rather than staying as king of his people and ruling and protecting them.

Honestly, I cannot find anything in my mind to support the idea that Beowulf is selfish. He arrives to battle Grendel and says that he will win if it's God's will. He is deeply respectful of Hrothgar, his host. Beowulf is humble. He does not insult others, even when they insult him. Even at the end of his life,...

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