As Beowulf fights Grendels mother, where are his companions, and what are they thinking?

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Almost immediately after the Geats and Danes celebrate their freedom from Grendel in the great hall  Heorot, we read that

And his [Grendel's] mother, still/greedy and gallows-minded wished to walk/a sorrowful journey, to avenge her son's death. (ll. 1276-1278)

As we know, she seizes one of Hrothgar's most important men, Aeschere, and carries him off.  Beowulf, Hrothgar, the Geats and some of the Danes discover Aeschere's head as they search the fens for Grendel's mother.

When they finally discover the dark lake in which Grendel's mother lives, Beowulf puts on all the armor lent to him by Unferth, son of Ecglaf, who did not want to follow Beowulf into the lake--thus branding himself a coward.  Beowulf, always the model of an Anglo-Saxon warrior-king, reminds Hrothgar of an...

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