Beneatha and Asagai. What cultural differences cause tension in their relationship? How does he prove he really cares for her?

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Joseph Asagai is a Nigerian student who argues against assimilation and embraces his African heritage. He tells Beneatha stories of his homeland and gives her traditional African garb as a present. Asagai is George Murchison 's foil and does not subscribe to the American Dream or share the American cultural values that Beneatha admires. Asagai is a proponent of social justice and wishes to return to Nigeria, where he can make a difference and help improve the standard of living. Despite being attracted to Joseph Asagai and sharing many of his ideas, Beneatha is attached to her dream of one day becoming a doctor. She is attracted to the American Dream and wishes to enroll in college and earn a degree. When Joseph Asagai proves his love for Beneatha by asking her to move to Africa with him and start a new life, Beneatha does not make her final decision. Beneatha is indecisive and not ready to sacrifice her American Dream in order to fully embrace her...

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