____________ is a belief that one man and his military should control a country. Word Bank Winston Churchill, Fascism, United Nations, Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin, CCC, Brownshirts, Nazi Party, Anastasio somoza, F.D Roosevelt, SSA, Washington Conference, Blackshirts, Adolph Hitler, Dwight D Eisenhower, Douglas Macarthur, TVA, Lend-Lease Act    

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As the previous posters pointed out, Fascism is the correct answer.  There are other options in the word bank that can go with Fascism, such as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.  Stalin could also be categorized as a "Fascist" under the definition offered.  The interesting thing here is that because of Russian association with the United States and the Allies during the war, Stalin is not traditionally seen in the same camp as Hitler or Mussolini, although there is plenty of evidence that he committed just as many inhuman atrocities as both of them.  The differentiation point is that Stalin, being a Communist, suggested an entire party control the nation and its military, but seeing that he did a fine job or rooting out any internal opposition, he was the party.

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It is nice that you provided the options because that makes things easier.

The correct answer here is clearly fascism.  Fascism is a belief that holds that all of a country should be united behind one leader.  They tend to believe that all people in the society should be as similar as possible (including ethnically) so they can be like one body following their leader.

One thing I'd point out here is that fascism is the only possible answer because none of the other answers is a belief.  Just a hint -- the sort of thing you can look for to help you on matching tests and such...

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