In Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell, why is Nurse Palacio considered the town's favorite nurse, and what scenario portrays this?  

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Nurse Palacio is considered the town's favorite nurse because of her compassion and kindness to patients and their families. In Chapter 20, we learn that Nurse Palacio, a trained midwife, does her best for Toycie even as she miscarries.

In the end, despite the efforts of the doctor, Toycie loses her baby. Despite this heartbreaking scenario, Nurse Palacio retains her gracious nature even as she addresses Toycie's Aunt Eila. Her "sweet, quiet, consoling way" is a great comfort as she breaks the devastating news to Toycie's aunt. Nurse Palacio reassures Miss Eila that Toycie is fine after the two-hour operation.

When Miss Eila complains that no one brought news of Toycie for a long time, Nurse Palacio apologizes. She placates Miss Eila with a mention that the trainee nurse who was sent to apprise Miss Eila of Toycie's condition must have been detained. It was a very busy night at the hospital; things were more hectic than usual because the hospital was understaffed. Throughout the conversation, Nurse Palacio maintains her kind and soothing manner to Toycie's family and friends. In the aftermath of the miscarriage, she manages to encourage and comfort the family even as she tends to the patient herself. Her professional demeanor and compassionate nature makes Nurse Palacio the town's favorite nurse.

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