I am a student of business and am required to give a ten-minute speech in front of other business students with a power point presentation. What topic will be best for me?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You have three different issues you need to consider in deciding on a topic. The first is that you want to get a good grade, which means thinking about what the instructor wants to see. The second issue is holding the interest of your fellow students. The third is choosing a topic that is relevant to your own career goals, so that you get some benefit from doing the work on the topic beyond just a grade in the class.

The best way to combine these objectives is to think about some specific job you would like to have within a year of graduating and do some presentation relevant to that career. For example, if you wanted a career in "X", you might do a presentation on "Five Things Human Resource Managers Look for When Hiring 'X'." You could then make slides for each of the five things, with bullet points expanding such general requirements as "strong written communication skills" with specific details.

A topic like this would be useful to you because you would be researching your future career and interesting to fellow students because it is practical. For your instructor, make sure to do solid research based on authoritative sources and proofread your power points carefully, as many instructors deduct points for grammatical errors.