Being a male what do you think of Helen at the part in chapter 3?

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Personally, I feel rather sorry for Helen. She is loved by men for her beauty and despised for the same reason. In book three in particular, Hector blames Paris for acting "mad" because of her (3.40-45):

"Paris, you handsome, woman-mad deceiver,
you shouldn't have been born, or killed unmarried.
I wish you had-it would have been far better
Than having you our shame, whom all suspect,
Or having the long-haired Acheans laugh
When you appear as champion-champion beauty-
But have no strength, nor character, nor courage."

Women are none too crazy about her; they envy her and blame her for the war which she was helpless to stop. For example, Iris rages to her, "Think of it: Paris and Menelaus loved by Ares go to fight it out with their rugged spears--all for you!" (Ares is the god of war.)

As for Hector as warrior, he is reputed to have been quite brave. Here is a quote from Book 7 that supports this (7.101-105):

And someday one will say, one of the men to come
Steering his oar-swept ship across the wine-dark sea
'there's the mound of a man who died in the old days,
one of the brave whom glorious Hector killed.'
So they will say, someday, and my fame will never die."

As for the "brutality of men in the past," the methods may be different but man's inhumanity to man (torture, war, false imprisonmet, battles over women) remains the same.

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