In the beginning of The Great Gatsby, what is Nick Carraway's attirude toward the Buchanans and Jordan?

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Your question is more difficult that it might seem at first glance.  Nick is intrigued with Tom's wealth, Daisy's charm, and Jordan's somewhat familiar face.  But he is also repulsed by them as well.  He describes Tom's "cruel body," Daisy's sarcasm, and Jordan's lassitude.  Through his descriptions, the reader cannot help to see that despite the luxurious setting, the lives of these three people are quite empty.  "What do people plan?" Daisy wonders. For all her wealth, Daisy does not have anything worthwhile to do and nothing to look forward t.  Through Nick's eyes, we see the failed marriage of the Buchanans and the questionable integrity of Jordan.  But Nick even in seeing their faults is fascinated by them.  He is at best ambivalent.