In The Secret Life of Bees, at the beginning of each chapter, is a quote, about bees. I need the meaning of each quote from chapter six to chapter 14. 

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In The Secret Life of Bees, Lily continues to seek the truth about her mother by spending time with the Boatwright sisters. Her fascination with bees has been realized as August keeps bees and is connected to Lily's mother.

6) The quote, which precedes chapter 6, is a reference to what holds the community together. The statue of the Black Madonna is the community's queen and she provides strength - "queen substance" which allows the community to keep going even when life is particularly challenging. Touching the statue reminds the people of the struggles of the slaves to whom the original statue belonged and encourages them: 

The queen ... attracts the workers and direct contact. This substance evidently stimulates the normal working behavior in the hive. This chemical... has been called "queen substance. " Experiments have shown that the bees obtain it directly from the body of the queen.

7) Lily meets Zach, August's godson, and starts to fall for him. June and her long time...

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