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For a beginning ballet student ( age 14) what is the best class option, place and price for me to start? i did ballet for two years (10 years ago). I don't know really anything about ballet. I live near St. Louis.

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Your original question was posted with "Lord of the Flies" and didn't get answered because it ended up under that topic. Since you live near St. Louis, the best place to make inquiries would be locally. You could do a lot just by telephoning. You could call the dance department at a major university, probably the University of Missouri. You could call a dance company in St. Louis that puts on ballet performances at a big auditorium. You might simply look in the St. Louis Yellow Pages and call a number of ballet schools, checking on their programs, prices, etc. If you start in one class and aren't satisfied, you could switch to another as long as you haven't signed a long-term contract. You would be meeting other ballet students and could obtain good leads from them.

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