At the beginning of act 2 , John Proctor says,"It is winter in here yet." Why might this be pertinent to what is going on between the couple?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Elizabeth is having trouble forgiving John for having an affair with Abigail. She is treating John with coldness. That is why John states that "it is winter in here yet."

John realizes that Elizabeth would need some time in forgiving him; however, he did not think that it would take so long. John comments on how cold it is between them. Obviously, he imagined that Elizabeth would be over the affair at this point. Notably, John does not realize how much he hurt Elizabeth by having the affair with Abigail.

Considering the circumstances, it would be difficult for any woman to get over what John has done. Elizabeth was sick. She could not help the situation she was in. John took advantage of a young girl due to his wife's sickness. He violated Elizabeth and Abigail. No doubt, Elizabeth is beyond hurt. John has destroyed the sanctity of Holy Matrimony. He broke his vows. Elizabeth is a good woman to even stay with John after what he has done.

No doubt, Elizabeth is cold toward John. She is hurt beyond words. Also, Elizabeth is suspicious about John still having feelings for Abigail. Because John will not share with the court what he knows about Abigail's pretense gives Elizabeth a reason to be suspicious. Elizabeth is suspicious that John still has feelings for Abigail. This is another reason Elizabeth is so cold toward John:

Elizabeth begs John to reveal to the investigators what Abigail told him about it all being pretense, but he is unwilling. She is suspicious that this is because he has feelings for Abigail.

John does seem to be protecting Abigail. For this reason, Elizabeth is holding on to unforgiveness, thus treating John with coldness.


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