In the beginning of Chapter 5 in The Great Gatsby why did Gatsby have all the lights on?

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When Nick arrives home late at night in chapter five, he initially thinks that his house is on fire but is astonished to discover that every light is on in Gatsby's magnificent estate. Nick immediately assumes that Jay Gatsby is throwing another wild party but is confused when he sees Gatsby's gate closed and hears no music. Jay Gatsby then walks onto his lawn and Nick comments that his home resembles the world's fair. Gatsby responds by telling Nick that he had been "glancing into some of the rooms" before suggesting that they travel to Coney Island or go swimming. Gatsby is hoping that Nick will agree to his plan of setting up a meeting with Daisy and is probably making sure that each room in his massive home is up to par for when he eventually shows it off to Daisy. Gatsby's lights being on may also be his way of showing off his home from across the water. Gatsby hopes that Daisy will take notice of his mansion from across the bay and look towards it in the same manner that he stares at...

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