Before writing "The Most Dangerous Game," Richard Connell began his career working for the school newspaper. Write a newspaper article that details Rainsford's experience on Ship-Trap Island.

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To get started, I would suggest checking out real-life newspaper articles and see what similarities and differences are present. Look at the structure, formatting, and tone of each. For all news articles, you'll find a catchy headline, a thoroughly descriptive article, and a conclusion of some kind that either ties up all the loose ends or gives way to a future update.

For the headline, get creative. Sometimes using a pun/play on words can act as an attention grabber. Bring in some emotion here as Rainsford's experience was one of terror and violence. You want to prep your readers for what they are about to experience through your words.

When you write the body of your article, you want to think about writing in a way that tells the reader everything they need to know without a biased tone. Think about the steps in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and how much detail you'd need to get someone from start to finish. Write your article in that way, focusing on the facts and chronological events that occurred. If possible "interview" Rainsford and add some quotes using the text to match his tone, diction, and mood. This would be a great way to make your article feel authentic.

Lastly, tie up the article with a final conclusion. Since Rainsford came out of this experience alive, there is a clear endpoint, but you could leave your reader with some serious existential questions to ponder.

Most major articles also have an eye-catching picture with a description underneath explaining the who, what, when, where, and why. If possible, add one for some major bonus points!

Good luck!

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A successful newspaper article that details Rainsford's experience on Ship-Trap Island will contain some elements that are specific to newswriting as a genre. Some of these elements include a headline, a news lead, and quotes from interviews with involved parties.

A headline is important because it tells readers what the news story is about. In the case of Rainsford's experience on Ship-Trap Island, a headline containing a verb like "survive" or a descriptor like "published big-game hunter" might be an effective way to grab a reader's attention and to summarize the story in a few words.

A news lead is an opening paragraph that contains some journalistic essentials: the who, what, where, why, when and how of the news story. In this paragraph, mentions of the most important characters as well as the setting (both time and place) are important; as well, the conflict and the outcome of the conflict needs mentioning in this first paragraph of a news story.

Finally, the best news articles contain quotes from individuals who have information that give meaning to the story. Imagine an interview with one or two of the main characters of the short story; when you write their quotes in the news story, make sure you give their full names as well as the exact words they say in the story.

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I can't write the article for you, but it would be most helpful for you to know how a newspaper story is structured before you begin. A news story puts the most important information first, so that a busy person can get the basics even if they can't read beyond the first one or two paragraphs.

A newspaper story also tries to answer the questions who, what, when, where, and why.

With these pointers in mind, we can get started.

The most important fact that readers will want to know is that a wealthy eccentric named General Zaroff, who has been hunting and killing human beings for sport on his island, has now been killed. Following this, the next most important fact is that Sanger Rainsford, who washed up on the island, was hunted by Zaroff as prey before killing him.

We have the most important "who's" in the story: Zaroff and Rainsford. The "what" is the sensational story of hunting human prey. The "when" is shortly after World War I. The "where" is Ship-Trap Island in the Caribbean. The "why" is Zaroff's insanity and conviction that he is entitled to murder because he is superior to other people. You could quote him saying that

the weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure

Now that you have the most important parts of the story gathered, you should be able to write your article. Start with the who and what and move from there. You definitely have a front-page story that should grab reader interest.

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Late last evening, Sanger Rainsford, a big game hunter from New York City, came ashore at a small village in South America. Rainsford claims he escaped from an island, which sailors call "Ship-Trap" Island, owned by a former Russian military officer named General Zaroff.

"He hunted me, but I won," said Rainsford. "Zaroff hunted men on his island, and when I didn't want to hunt with him, he gave me a hunting knife and a head start."

Rainsford accidentally fell off his yacht as it went by Zaroff's island. He survived by swimming to shore. When he met the general he was quite impressed by the beautiful chateau and the excellent manners of the Russian. Zaroff treated Rainsford to an excellent meal and they talked at length about hunting. When the general suggested to Rainsford that they hunt men together, Rainsford refused.

"I thought his idea was barbaric," Rainsford said.

The general tracked Rainsford through the jungle and, while the general succeeded in coming close, Rainsford eluded Zaroff and even injured him. Rainsford also set a trap which killed Zaroff's servant and one of his dogs.

"I finally jumped from a cliff into the sea in order to avoid being killed," said Rainsford. "I swam back to his chateau and waited for the general to return."

Rainsford says he hid out in Zaroff's bedroom and confronted the general. They fought and Rainsford succeeded in killing Zaroff. Rainsford claims there are no remains because dogs ate Zaroff's body.

"I'll never hunt again. It was a horrible experience and I now know what it's like to a be a beast at bay," concluded Rainsford.

Authorities are investigating Rainsford's story. Rainsford has cancelled his hunting expedition in Brazil and will be returning to New York City in the next few days. 


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