Before meeting with the Cyclopes, what did Odysseus receive from Marin at Ismarus?

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At Ismarus, Odysseus and his men sack the city, kill the men, and share the "wives and plunder" amongst themselves because Odysseus doesn't want anyone suggesting that he deprived his men of their "fair share of spoils." Afterwards, Odysseus urges them to make haste and leave this place, but the men have drunk so much wine and filled their bellies with so much food that they just want to rest now. However, the Cicones—the people who lived in the city—round up any remaining friends they have and attack Odysseus's crew during the night. On average, six men from each of his ships are killed in the raid.

Before this happened, Odysseus had spared the life of a man called Maron, a priest of Apollo, rescuing Maron, his wife, and children. In return, Maron gave Odysseus seven gold bars, a solid silver bowl in which to mix wine with water (a common practice then, as wine the wine produced was quite strong and thick and so needed to be diluted to be drinkable), and twelve wine jars full of delicious, undiluted wine. Odysseus takes a skin of this wine along with him when he and a few of his men go to explore the Cyclopes' island, and this ends up being a godsend for them because they use it to get the monster drunk. Then, they blind him in his one eye and escape when he lets his sheep out to graze.

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