The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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Before Hassan's rape, there are many examples of jealousy. What are some examples of jealousy after that takes place?

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As a child, Amir is jealous of Hassan because Baba seems to favor him and always wants to include him in every activity. Unlike Amir, Hassan is significantly more athletic and courageous, which are attributes Baba values and admires. Amir envies Hassan for being Baba's favorite and desperately attempts to earn his father's attention and respect. During the annual kite-fighting tournament, Amir defeats his competition by flying the last remaining kite. Tragically, Amir attempts to find Hassan after the tournament and witnesses Assef rape him in a back alley. Amir is too afraid to intervene, and the traumatic experience ruins his relationship with Hassan.

Following the tragic incident, Amir continues to display jealousy towards Hassan. For example, Baba decides to visit his cousins in Jalalabad and expresses his desire to take Hassan with them. Amir demonstrates his jealousy by telling Baba that Hassan is too sick to come with them. Amir simply wishes to have Baba to himself and cannot be around Hassan because of his extreme guilt.

After the winter passes, Amir once again displays his jealousy by asking Baba if he has ever thought about getting new servants. Amir is primarily motivated to have Baba to himself and hopes that Baba will simply let Hassan and Ali go. Amir is unaware that Baba is also Hassan's father and proceeds to place his gifts underneath Hassan's pillow to make it seem like he stole them. Overall, Amir's jealousy motivates him to make up excuses to leave Hassan behind in order to have Baba to himself and to try various methods to get Hassan out of the house.

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