Is bee's pollination an innate or learned behaviour? Why?

orchid101 | Student

Bees pollination is an inborn instinctive behaviour. Bees workers inherit the ability to do all the works of the colony (such as collection of pollen grains, water and nector from flower, cleaning and defending the colony, nursing developing embryo etc.) from their ancestors. Honey bees are highly organised social insects reported from all over the world. Social insects make special comb or hive for their members. Comb of honey bee is made up of bee wax. Bee hive remain attached with the branches of trees or ceilings of high buildings or water tower or tomb. A highly organised division of labour is found in the colony of honey bee. A good and well developed colony of bees has forty to fifty thousand individuals consisting of three castes viz., Queen, Drone and Workers. Different castes differ in their features and functions.

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