giorgiana1976 | Student

Australian researchers have discovered that bees can count up to four, according to a study released by a local television.

Scientists have located five landmarks in a tunnel and put honey, in turn, in each of them. They have found that bees flew to the boundary with honey, even after the honey was removed. This means that bees have remembered landmark terminal number. Eventually the researchers put honey in the fifth terminal, but bees have not managed to return there. Scientists have concluded so that they can not count beyond the number four.

They said the researches revealed that bees that can live no more than a month, can learn colors and smells and be trained to deal with complicated mazes.The bee brain  is no larger than a sesame seed, but scientists say,it has many similarities to the human brain, including complex connections such as advanced memory and learning ability.

versatilekamini | Student

Yes bees can count to four landmarks on their way from their hive to a food source. According to the research led by the head of visual neuroscience at University of Queensland's has demonstrated that honey bees are capable of routinely counting up to four.

According to researchers individually marked bees were trained to receive a reward of sugar solution after they had flown past a specific number of regularly spaced yellow stripes during their flight through a narrow tunnel. Depending upon the experiment, this number was one, two, three or four. After training, the bees were individually tested by removing the food reward, and observing their searching behaviour in the tunnel to determine which landmark they had associated most strongly.

ronablair | Student

Upon returning from a source of pollen, bees will communicate the location to fellow worker bees by flying in a pattern that represents where to find the pollen.  Bees are amazingly intelligent considering the size of their brains.

mkcapen1 | Student

The Australian National University and Germany's Wurzburg University have been doing studies on bees.  They  claim that bees have number sense.  Honeybees were placed in a Y shaped maze as part of the experiment.  A sugar treat was hidden at the end of the chambers.    Each end of the Y had a different number represented in dots on the opening.  The bees had to be able to count the number of dots and match it with the same numbr of dots inside the chamber in order to go in the dirction of the treat.   Through this process the researchers were able to determine that the honeybees were capable of counting up to four dots.

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