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The previous answer did a great job showing that beer existed in the Babylon. However, you don't even have to go that far out of the western tradition to show that beer was consumed in the ancient world. One of the things that the Romans did was to mock the Germanic tribes for drinking beer. They thought that beer was so "barbaric." Why would anyone drink beer, when there was wine. However, as time passed on, the Roman learned to appreciate beer. There is perhaps even archaeological evidence that there was a Roman brewery in the second century AD. After this, the drinking of beer would continue.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Beer drinking has been popular for a long time. Babylonian clay tablets show detailed recipes of beer, which was made in the years 4300 BC The beer was made by the ancient Chinese, Assyrians and Incas.

Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge have undertaken a study of the processes of preparation of beer and cereals in ancient Egypt. The subject has been found in tombs in that they were preserved remains of food and beer.

It seems that beer was like a thick dark fat, without containing a large amounts of alcohol, but very nutritious. Due to the taste, it occupied an important place in human diet at that time.

An Egyptian text of 1600 BC gives over 100 recipes that used beer. Several years ago, a Pub in New Castle, England, bottled 1000 bottles of beer blonde Tutan Kamon, after a 3200 year old recipe, found in the Sun temple by Queen Nefertiti.