Becoming A High School Teacher (Florida) I'll be graduating from USF with my Bachelor's in English (literary studies) in about a year. What now? I want to become a high school teacher, and currently the only experience I have is one year of substituting. I know the Education majors get walked through all their student teaching / internship stuff, but as an English major I'm pretty much on my own. Seriously, any advice would help. Specific advice. I'm clueless. Thanks.

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Talk with your adviser or someone in the education department asap.  There may be some classes you will want to add before you graduate.  You may also need to make a decision between graduating now with just an English degree or graduating a semester later with an English degree and completed education courses.  It will be a little different in each state so I would advice you to speak with someone at your college or in the area you wish to teach in.  

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I graduated from UF with a Language Arts Education degree with emphasis on English. This degree included the necessary College of Education requirements to immediately make me eligible for a teaching certificate in Florida. You may need to check with the state Department of Education (or at USF) to see if you still need to take some COE classes (teaching methods, etc.) not covered in your English program. Hopefully, you will not be required to do an internship (I was); perhaps your previous subbing will be satisfactory experience. You may find that you will still need to take some COE classes after you graduate to qualify you for certification. Best of luck in your job search.

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I posted some advice for you in your other discussion thread, but it was more specific to anyone.  In your situation, the first step needs to be to go to the education department at USF and talk to someone about the steps you need to take to become a teacher.  I could tell you exactly what to do in Texas:  go to an education service center (a branch of the Texas Education Agency) and enroll in an alternative certification program that would take about a year.  I would assume the process is similar in Florida, but your best bet is to talk to the experts at your college.  I am sure they have helped many people in your situation before.

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