Because wages in the IT field vary greatly, unethical companies can get around the _________________________.

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There is no such thing as an unethical company.  If a company is in the free-enterprise system, it can and will do whatever it takes to make maximum profit for its investors.  (Do not confuse illegal actions—monopolies, contract violations, etc.--with unethical conduct). What you and I perceive as unethical behavior puts human needs (see Maslow) below profit.  The IT enterprises do so by treating people as “human resources”, one of the equipment or supply items needed to make the product.  No successful businessperson has ever said, “What’s the most I can pay my employee and still make a living myself?”  When the digital/worldwide net made physical location irrelevant, IT had the world’s personnel at its disposal and immediately took advantage of the supply/demand balance.  So they “got around” considerations of living standards, employer loyalty (and its accompaniment, life-long employee loyalty).  Look at Japan, where a person used to work for one company for life.  IT companies immediately ignored that cultural tradition.  The IT industry also “got around” warehousing problems, most maintenance costs, but mostly, the face-to-face contact that forms human contacts and therefore ethical/moral relationships.  Finally, IT companies pretty much ignore “intellectual property” rights.

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