In On Beauty, how does Kiki as a character change from beginning of the book until the end? Is she a static or dynamic character?

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Kiki is clearly a dynamic character in this novel as she obviously changes and develops during the course of the novel as a result of firstly her husband's infidelity and secondly her friendship with the Kipps, in particular Carlene Kipps. Let us remember that Kiki is a very strong character in lots of ways, and comes from southern black ancestry. Her strengths are her compassion and ability to forgive, but also, above all, her ability to say when she has had enough. She seems to be above all happy with herself, as her attitude towards her weight demonstrates. She is aware that she is overweight, but not obsessed by it. It is interesting to note that she spends so much time wondering what her life would have been like if she had not married Howard, and the painting that Carlene Kipps gives to her finally enables her to experience that freedom and to make her own life by herself. She is most definitely a character that changes in the way that she is able to explore freedom and express her individuality increasingly as the novel progresses.

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