In The Bear, Mrs. Popov agrees to duel Smirnov. What is a  quotation that illustrates why her dueling is so ridiculous for her?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Scene 9 of The Bear, Smirnov refuses to leave and continues to argue with Mrs. Popov, who begins to insult him, calling him an ill- mannered oaf, a monster, and a bear. The man's response is "This is dueling talk!" She is undaunted, and tells him she is not afraid of him. When he persists that they must duel, Mrs. Popov agrees and tells Smirnov she will find the pistols her husband left.

In Scene 10, when she returns with the pistols, Mrs. Popov, she shows them to Smirnov, then says,

But before we start would you mind showing me how to fire them? I've never had a pistol in my hands before.

Because Smirnov "can put a bullet throu a coin in midair" it is ridiculous for Mrs. Popov, who has never fired a pistol to duel him. Fortunately for her, Smirnov says he will fire in the air as by this time he has fallen in love with her.