In "Battle Royal," how can you interpret the last words of the grandfather to his son?

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The grandfather's final words to the story's narrator tell the narrator that his grandfather has been at war his entire life. The grandfather also wants his grandson to know that the war is ongoing, and it is the grandson's turn to continue the fight. The grandfather also says that it isn't a war of open combat. The war is something more akin to the Cold War that existed between the Soviet Union and the United States. War wasn't declared, but tensions existed, and each side was always working to undermine the other's power. The grandfather wants the narrator to be a similar kind of spy, but the fight is a fight against racism. The grandfather says that the way to fight is to appear one way and fight in secret. Let white people grow calm and complacent about black people. The grandfather tells the narrator to never be seen as a threat. That will give him the power, time, and ability to undermine whatever racist power structures are in place.

Son, after I'm gone I want you to...

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