Batman vs Wolverinewho do you think would win in a fight between them, me personally i say Batman because he doesnt fight a opponent until he finds out their weakness. **LET ME KNOW WHO YOU THINK...

Batman vs Wolverine

who do you think would win in a fight between them, me personally i say Batman because he doesnt fight a opponent until he finds out their weakness.


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I have always admired Batman more than other comic book characters. He is dark yet has a quixotic quality that endears him to me. However, in a one on one fight, I think Wolverine would handle him quite comfortably. His physical strength would just be too much. However, be assured that whatever the result, Batman would be back- he perseveres.

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I would have to agree with the other posters. Wolverine would win over Batman. Batman has lost. Wolverine simply has the technology (as litteacher points out) to overpower his enemies. Plus, on a personal side note, Wolverine is cooler then Batman.

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They're both fictional characters, created by the authors/illustrators. This means the creators could write whatever scenario they wanted. Batman could win because he would have determined Wolverine's weakness and a method of exploiting it ahead of the battle. Wolverine could win because of his tenacity and refusal to stop fighting until Batman was defeated.

Or the creators could introduce some previously unknown facet of one or the other character that completely changes the whole basis of the fight.

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Wolverine really doesn't lose...I've seen Batman lose then come back later and win.

But, because I've seen Batman lose more often than Wolverine, I'd guess Wolverine would win. It's a tenacity born of his mutant qualities.

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Ys, they are both imaginary.  It seems to me that Wolverine is much more powerful.  I never really understood what Batman does.  He does not have sharp claws like Wolverine.  He seems to use technology to get by, but is basically human.

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What a difficult question to answer...

We have to consider some aspects of both. Wolwerine cannot die but Superman could'nt also and, remember guys, Batman could have killed Superman if he intended to. Wolwerine also has developed instinct sense (I don't know if that is how we call them) that can provide him a big chance of wining. 

When I think of Batman I also consider his inteligence well developed. He uses not only gadgets, as some said here, but also his brain all the time. He is so analistic and cautios with his actions that strength or phisical features end up not being what is going to determine the winner. 

My answer is: it all depends on the situation, place ans state of both.

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As much as I love Batman I think that Wolverine would win.

Now before you throw your exact replica batarangs at me hear me out.

Wolverine CAN'T DIE (well I guess he can but it is very unlikely). So that is a very large advantage.

Also if Batman did ever get his hands on some adimantium he would not know how to use it properly to aid him.

Also, Wolverine is Canadian.

Your argument is invalid.

But to be totally honest they probably would not fight each other. they would band to gether to fight crime and build unicorns and fly to the moon and bacome florist and all that tom foolery.