In "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant," what does Sheila Mant talk about on the way to Dixford?

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When the narrator comes to pick up Sheila for their canoe-trip to Dixford, she only asks him about the type of band playing there after suggesting that they use her father's car for the trip. She is obviously nervous about travelling by canoe. She later mentions that Eric Caswell, a boy she is obviously interested in, would also be in Dixford.

She only speaks to the narrator later, after ten minutes into their journey, when she hears a bass splashing into the water. On her query about the sound, the narrator tells her what it is and she then expresses her disdain for fishing saying that she thinks that it is 'dumb'.

This makes the narrator wonder why she is so negative about fishing, and he attempts not too seem 'dumb' by trying to hide the...

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