Based on your analysis of the company and the industry, describe the most significant problems or issues facing 7-Eleven in Taiwan.

Expert Answers
dkrupp87 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Seven-eleven is known as the originator of the convenience store. Launching a 7-11 presence in Taiwan could have the potential to be highly profitable, but there are major issues that could arise as well. The first issue that the company must face is location. When people search for a convenience store, they are not usually looking for a certain brand. They are look for the closest one. With this intense competition for prime location, a store not placed in the correct location could lead to a loss in sales. To combat this, 7-11 stores in Taiwan offer much more than just food and drinks. They offer the ability to buy licenses and pay certain taxes and fees in the store as well. Since 2006, 7-11's market share in Taiwan has been steadily flattening to just below 50%, as other convenience stores like Family Mart start opening. One of the largest issues facing all retailers today is online shopping. As more and more companies offer the ability to pay bills online or purchase products online, more consumers will shy away from actual stores. While 7-11 in Taiwan meets the needs of their people by redefining the term convenience store, they still face issues from competition, loss of market share, and online shopping (E-commerce).