Based upon what he has done and said in the first scene, what is  learned about Troy’s character?

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From the outset of the play, much of what is gained about Troy is that he is unhappy or bitter about his predicament.  His Friday night, after a week of difficult work, is spent articulating frustration about racism in his workplace.  It is a topic that he has thought much about as it is confirmation to Troy how he has endured a "raw deal" in life.  Troy's affair with Alberta also comes to light, reflecting that Troy is unhappy and needs to seek distraction elsewhere.  Finally, with Lyons' entrance, it is understood that Troy finds himself in an odd emotional dynamic.  He has a 34 year old son, a teenage son with Rose, and the affair with Alberta, combined with his own frustrations at work.  This first scene brings out an emotional web of entanglements and complexities within Troy.  It helps to bring out the intense intricacy in his character and allows a better understanding of the forces with which he battles, and why his need for "fences" could be appreciated.

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