Based upon the clues Lowry gives in the first six chapters, write a possible ending for The Giver.I need some to compare with mine for the second half of the assignment.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Giver really does have an ambiguous ending.  You can make a case for Jonas escaping or dying.  If you are basing your evidence on only the first six chapters, you are basing the prediction only on information about the community.  Jonas has not even started training yet.  Here is what we do know.

  1.  They have planes.  Planes are usually used for traveling long distances.  It seems likely that there are places far away they might go to.
  2. There are rivers.  One child falls in the river and drowns by accident.  Jonas mentions the river several times.  The river turns out to be very important for sustenance during their journey.
  3. There are other communities.  Lily experiences visitors from one.  Although this community seems similar, there might be others farther away that may be different.
  4. The comfort objects are animals.  Although they are treated as imaginary, they are animals we know to exist.  Perhaps they exist elsewhere, in a community without sameness.
  5. Jonas’s father breaks the rules.  He peeks to see what Gabriel’s name is, because he realizes that this is important to nurture him.  Yet this is the same man who later kills a newborn baby without a thought.  This shows that he does follow a moral code, but has been sanitized by society to accept things we no longer consider moral.  Still, breaking one rule might lead to others, and there may even be a society of rebels out there somewhere.

The community is very small.  Based on this, we can guess that it is actually only a small percentage of the world’s population.  Elsewhere may be real, and may consist of what we would consider a normal world