Based on their experiences with the King of England, what might the people of the American colonies have wanted in an ideal government?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The colonists were not happy with the King of England. They believed he abused his power by denying them some of their rights and by not listening to their concerns. As a result, they declared their independence from Great Britain so they would be able to set up their own government.

There were several things that the colonists wanted in an ideal form of government. One thing was to avoid having a leader who would have too much power. They were very concerned a leader with too much power would act like the King had acted. Another thing they wanted was to have their rights guaranteed. They wanted their guaranteed rights to be written into the plan of government so everybody would know what those rights were. They also wanted to have a say in the making of laws and in the levying of taxes. These were huge concerns for the colonists when the British ruled them. They felt the British significantly restricted these rights.

There were several ideas the colonists wanted if they could have created an ideal plan of government.