Based on their actions in North America, why were Dutch respectful of other cultures?

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The Dutch prided themselves in a society of openness.  They usually supported freedom of religion.  They also lived peacefully among those who were different.

When the Dutch established New Netherland in North America, they carried on this culture of acceptance.  The Union of Utrecht provided for freedom of religion, and the laws of this document were followed in New Netherland. 

The purpose of setting up the Dutch colony was a financial one and not one related to Christian evangelism.  This led to a colony that was more secular than other nearby ones.  Jews settled in New Netherland.  The diversity of New Netherland can also be revealed through the languages spoken there.  Over a dozen different languages were spoken in New Netherland.  Many people who were not Dutch settled there peacefully.  Most of the governing bodies in New Netherland allowed others to live there despite cultural differences.  It was a place of overall acceptance.


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