Moderato Cantabile Questions and Answers
by Marguerite Duras

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In "Moderato Cantible", why is Anne so fascinated with the story of the woman killed by her lover?

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Anne is stuck in a marriage that she finds boring.  Her life is respectable and she is a respected person, but she lives in a social strait-jacket, in a manner of speaking.  She must always seem polite and be friendly, never over-emotional, never improper.  The story of this murder is a story about love, passion, desire, anger -- all feelings that Anne must always repress in her current life.  She craves that passion, that expression of emotion, no matter how violent.  Mind you, she is not only craving passion, but an escape from the life that she detests.  Imagination and obsession do provide escape.  The more she focuses on the murder, the less she has to focus on her own unhappiness.

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