What factors affect the success rate of small businesses?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many different factors affect the success rate of small businesses, and they tend to vary with the specific business. Success in a franchise, a new restaurant, a mobile app company, or a web design firm are very different.

One common factor in success or failure of a new business is adequate start-up funding. It normally takes at least a year for a new business to become profitable, and so if you start without adequate funds your chance of success will be lower. Many people start a new business as a second job, or as part of a two income family in which their partners supply a regular income. Having substantial experience in the industry and a good client base will also make a difference.

harshaltawade | Student

There are many factors that affect the success of a business. These factors not only affect a small business, but also affect big companies too. One of the factor is, that users don't know about the new product and reason behind this is poor marketing and advertising. This happens because of less finance. Due to less finance the business owners are unable to adopt good marketing strategy. But they forget one of the great and less expensive alternative for this. A website, it is the most cost effective and an effective way in today's date. Single website solves almost 50% problem of a business. Nowadays the Internet is available everywhere and so many people are using it. A website helps to entice more and more customers towards your business. Having a website for a business is a good idea and it is definitely going to help one's business. Read here why a website is needed and why it should be designed according to a business type.