Based on "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," create your own Walter Mitty's short story with at least three daydreams. The requirements are as follows: *Need to capture Thurber's style *Transitions...

Based on "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," create your own Walter Mitty's short story with at least three daydreams.

The requirements are as follows:

*Need to capture Thurber's style

*Transitions between daydreams must be subtle and thoughtful

*Be Creative and entertaining

*Have a main theme

*Write about a man


I have my outline finished, but I still dont know what my theme should be... Moreover, I want to show how he is defeated in his reality by the others around him.

Can you suggest any ideas or improvements? Thank you.

Here is my outline:

1. Morning Alarm ringing made him daydream about boxing

2. Sound of gun firing in a radio when he was driving made him daydream about driving a tank in the WW2

3. He throw a paper ball into the garbage in his office and made him daydream of being Micheal Jordan

It would be very helpful if you can write  the whole story out for me :)

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

[Sorry, but Enotes educators do not compose for students; besides, your own voice is unique and any other voice/style will be obvious to your teacher.] Now, we are very eager to assist you with advice and suggestions:

1. Diction is an important device to imitate; so, perhaps when the alarm goes off, you could begin something like the dialogues which Thurber writes that often contain exclamations:

The bell rang, and the great fighter, Muggs LeRoy collapses in his corner.

"Aw right, Champ. Jus' two more rounds 'n' you'll hold the title again! But, we've got to stop the bleedin' from that cut o'er your eye!"

"Don't worry! I learn'd a self-hypnosis technique from my trip to New Delhi where a fakir taught me how to control my heartbeat and pulse and all such a thing. It's all a matter of 'mind over matter,' ya know."

"There's the bell! Give 'em hell, Champ!"

"Aren't you ever going to get up? That alarm has gone off twice now," called his mother, not just a little irritated. "You're going to miss breakfast, and then miss the bus. Are you going to look some more for a better job today? Wa-alll-teerr! You hear me?"

[This voice can be Walter's mother and she still talks to him as though he were in school, but he has a job which is not as good as he wants and is not in the field in which he has a college degree. "Walter" has had to come back home to live because he has a rather large student loan and his salary is too meager for him to independently. But, he resents his mother's demeaning attitude toward him which she conveys as she also urges him to register with an employment agency, etc.] 

2. In this scene, you could use the sound of the gun, and imitate the first daydream of Walter Mitty, but have a RAF pilot be similar to a British pilot in WW II who was caught in the cross fire of the Nazis and the Allied Troops near a rural village in rolling countryside; he was too low to jump, so “foolishly,” he says, he put on his lights in order to land, but was riddled with shells, and crashed. The plane flipped over and he was pinned upside down for eight days! Ernie Pyle wrote about him in his column (true story). The man casually said “Oh, hello” when the U.S. soldiers reached him. They try to free him from the plane. Then your "Walter Mitty" can be at work where he get his foot stuck in something and the other workers try to free it, joking about him: "What's th' matter, Walter, don't ya even know where ta put your feet?"....

3. Back in his office the "Walter Mitty" persona feels embarrassed and wads a paper with the photo of "employee of the month" into the wastebasket to relax; then he imagines himself as Michael Jordan, playing for the Chicago Bulls. "Walter" can pretend that you are the announcer for WGN Sports and describe the game. Maybe the score is tied and there are only two minutes, to go as Jordan drives down the court; he leaps high and hangs in the air like an eagle....he shoots as the buzzer rings: Jordan aims, he fires the ball! It's in!

"The boss is buzzing you, Walter. Hurry up!"...... 

[The main theme here in these vignettes is heroism]

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