The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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Based on play "Diary of Anne Frank", is Mrs. Frank correct when she states "if my husband had any obligation to you, he's paid it over and over"

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I believe she was correct, although Mr. Frank was far too gracious to ever state that sentiment himself.  Mr. Frank had generously offered space in an already crowded apartment to shelter the Van Daan family, which included a husband, a high maintenance wife, and yet another teenager, which added to the Frank parents, Anne and Margot made a grand and cozy total of 7 people.  So when Mrs. Frank stated that her husband had paid his debt to Mr. Van Daan many times, she was probably referring to the many days that the two families had been in hiding in Mr. Frank's apartment.  This scene was a tense one between the families after Mr. Van Daan was caught stealing food in the middle of the night; news of the Allied invasion cut the arguing short, however, and the audience is hit with the dramatic irony that the families believe that they will in fact soon be free--as viewers we know that they will not. 

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