Based on personal experience, what key factors are related to adult learning? 

Expert Answers

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One key factor in Adult Learning is the presentation of low levels of confidence. Quite often, adult returners to education have low expectations for themselves for many different reassons - and they often perceive their new academic future as being more difficult than it really is. For example, some adult learners are returning to education and academic study because they have realised that this is the only way to improve their life chances. Getting a job may be proving difficult because they don't have the qualifications needed for training courses to improve their skills. Often, it may have a taken quite a bit of courage to approach an advisor in order to enquire about the possibility of 'going back to school.'These learners often feel very 'rusty' as well and have got out of the habit of studying.

Other adult returners, such as Moms, have been out of the workplace for other reasons such as full time caring for a family and these learners often suffer low confidence levels too. They may feel they are unskilled for the workplace and have forgotten many important courses they did in the past. It needs a careful advisor to match them with the best course and career choice. Some learners come in from the workplace and need to learn,or update, a new skill. All can be catered for, but different groups have differing needs.