Based on Walmart's financial report for 2019, what are twelve reasons why anyone should invest in Walmart?

An investor should consider investing in Walmart because it is a company with diverse businesses, strategic partnerships, and a high growth rate.

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  1. Walmart has an ecommerce website that allows it to sell products online. Their website offers convenience to customers and provides an additional source of income.
  2. Walmart has multiple physical stores that are distributed across America and are well-stocked. That means the customer can find everything they need under one roof.
  3. Walmart has invested in ecommerce platforms in other countries to gain access to new markets. For example, it owns a majority stake in Flipkart, which is an ecommerce website that serves India.
  4. Walmart has invested in payment platforms like Walmart Pay and Walmart Cash to make it easy for customers to purchase their products.
  5. Walmart through its subsidiaries has invested in innovative tech startups to encourage innovation and boost revenues. For example, Flipkart invested in Tinystep, an app that lets parents track their baby’s development.
  6. Walmart has diversified into the health sector through its vision centers and care clinics.
  7. Through the Walmart media group, the company helps brands connect with its customers through strategic advertising.
  8. Walmart controls its distribution network to boost service delivery and lower costs. For example, Flipkart founded Ekart Logistics, which provides shipping services for its clients and other firms.
  9. Walmart has investments in entertainment. It founded Vudu, which is a video-on-demand service.
  10. Walmart has formed strategic partnerships with companies such as handy to improve service delivery.
  11. Walmart has a talented workforce that allows it to keep up with changes in the retail sector.
  12. Walmart has experienced steady growth from 2018 to 2019, when revenues grew by 3 percent.
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