Based on the essays of Makoto Fujimura, what do you think Christian artists are trying to convey about their faith?

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Makoto Fujimura is a prolific artist, writer, and Christian. His work has been shown at galleries around the world. He has been deeply involved in church practice and culture. He is also the founder of the International Arts Movement, an organization that fosters the spiritual development of artists who seek to understand the connections between faith and art. It is a movement of artists who are inspired by faith and spreading a message of truth and beauty.

Based on Fujimura's collection of essays, Christian artists are attempting to convey the function of art in humanity to show how faith and beauty are intertwined. The purpose of the work is not only to allow the viewer to appreciate its beauty. The purpose is also to encourage the viewer to reflect on God's creation. Fujimura believes that his art and the art of other artists can transform the soul. This transformation from seeing art as beautiful to seeing art as a beautiful manifestation of God's wonder is his inspiration.

According to Fujimura, Christian artists are trying to convey the visual language of their faith. A comprehension of Biblical text and teachings is important, but artists are trying to use a different, more effective approach to teaching people about God's greatness. The arts offer a larger picture of humanity and God's work. The stories of the Bible, such as accounts of Adam and Eve in Genesis, Israelites and Egyptians in Exodus, and even Christ himself can all be told through visual language in a painting. Fujimura believes that paintings can be the most effective means of communicating God's greatness in the universe.

Ultimately, Christian artists want to instill the values of discipline and practice in other people so they can implement it in their faith. Creating works of art over time is a vessel through which the artists can instill those values in other people, according to Fujimura. The church is an important partner, too. But artistry might just be the most fundamental teaching tool.

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