Radio Golf Questions and Answers
by August Wilson

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Based on the ambiguity in the ending, the central conflict of the text, and the development of the character of Harmond as a complex character, what is August Wilson's position on the issue of gentrification? 

August Wilson seems to hold the position that gentrification is a negative process. He raises many issues, such as the loss of community and relationships, that come with increased gentrification and commercialization of neighborhoods. Harmond's change throughout the story especially cements Wilson's negative view of gentrification.

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Overall, there is little evidence in Radio Golf that August Wilson has a positive view of the processes of urban development that are often referred to as gentrification. Although he focuses on just a few characters in one neighborhood of one city, Wilson raises issues that concern the poor and disadvantaged in many American cities.

Harmond, Mame, and Roosevelt represent different aspects of the cooptation and corruption that are often integral parts of urban development. In this regard, Wilson encourages the reader and...

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