Based on Herodotus' account of the fall of Babylon what sort of ruler was Cyrus the Great?Herodotus Fall of Babylong and Cyrus the Great

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Herodotus’ history of the capture of Babylon and the beginning of the Achaemenid Empire tells us much about Cyrus based on what he did once he entered the famous city.

Herodutus says that, “he entered the city without fighting or battle; he saved Babylon from hardship” which seems to indicate that he did not engage in any kind of reprisals against the people of the city or its rulers.

Apparently Cyrus gained a lot of popularity for this act, as Herodotus says, “All the people of Babylon, all the land of Sumer and Akkad, princes and governors, bowed before him and kissed his feet” According to this section, Cyrus had little trouble consolidating his conquests.

In response to the manner in which he was received, Cyrus cemented his popularity by returning idols and other religious icons to the people, and increasing the daily offerings to the gods.

One of his greatest acts was to release the captive Jews, who had been exiled in Babylon, and allowed them to return home.

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