Is Gestalt's Learning Theory valid within a social perspective?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gestalt's Learning Theory is grounded in the idea that the whole is greater than its parts. According to Gestalt, humans possessed certain attributes which allow them to identify the "whole" a part belongs to. For example, if a letter is shown to a person, he or she identifies it as part of the alphabet.

Social perspective, or Sociological Perspective, refers to the social contexts in which people live and how the person is influenced by the context. For example, if one were brought up in the deep South, his or her social context would be one which would identify how he or she was expected to behave, believe, and think.

Therefore, Gestalt's Learning Theory is valid within a Sociological Perspective. Given that Gestalt's Learning Theory examines the whole and Sociological Perspective examines how a society defines a person, each can be used with one another. Since both ideologies examine how the whole (society) influences the individual, Gestalt's Learning Theory essentially supports a sociological perspective.