Based on exerpts from the Koran, what would you say are the primary empases and values of the Muslim Faith?

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Islamic scholars consider the "five pillars of Islam" to be the central tenets of their faith as set out in the Koran. The five pillars are:

1. “There is no true god (deity) but God (Allah),1 and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God.”

2."Bilal, call (the people) to prayer, let us be comforted by it." One must pray five times a day in a certain manner.

3. Zakat or giving a certain percentage of ones wealth to the needy is described in several places in the Koran.

4. One must fast during Ramadan.

5. One must perform a Hajj or pilgrimmage to Mecca at least once.


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as important as 5 pillars of islam, there is also 6 articles of faith:          1. to believe in God believe in HIS ANGELS believe in His Books 4. to believe in all His Prophets 5. to believe in the Day of Judgement 6. and that all good and bad comes from God , but we are responsible for our actions.

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