Based on the book Nickel and Dimed, what were some of the issues experienced related to lack of healthcare insurance?

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In addition to the examples of the problems experienced by Holly and Lucy, Nickel and Dimed illustrates vividly the importance of access to healthcare when Barbara herself has a medical issue. While working for The Maids, she suddenly develops an agonizing itch, the cause of which she cannot readily identify. Barbara admits that this forces her to "cheat": instead of going to emergency room for some "charitable care," she calls the dermatologist she knows from Key West (her residence in "real life"), and begs him to prescribe something over the phone. The reason she abandons her "character" and falls back on the resources available to her is because it's "too much"—she feels she cannot cope. Nevertheless, this experience lets the reader imagine what would happen to someone without such a recourse available. Any other worker at The Maids would have to spend a long evening in the emergency room, possibly with her children, in order to obtain a prescription, and then still would have to...

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