Based on Arthur Rowe's argument, what was the purpose or goal of the post-Enlightenment search for the "historical Jesus"?

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In the post-Enlightenment period, many scholars were determined to find out the "facts" about Jesus' life and actions. At the time, these certain scholars felt that much of the Bible was romanticized or idealized. Perhaps the miracles in the Gospel were exaggerations, or the fantasies of the writers who were so fascinated by Jesus. These scholars wanted to set down the facts of Jesus' life as a historical biography of a man who changed the world, rather than, as Christians believe, a man who was not mortal but actually the Son of God.

The search for the historical Jesus was intended to eliminate the miracles, the myths, the stories, the religion, and the faith involved in the life of Jesus, and to make him into a great character in history rather than an eternal influence on it, as the Christ of Faith would be considered.

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