Which expression could be used to represent the area of the triangle. if the base of a triangle is 3 more that twice its height?

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The area of a triangle given the base and height is (1/2)*base*height.

If the base of the triangle is 3 more than the height, the area of the triangle is A = (1/2)*(height + 3)*height

The expression for the area of the triangle is (1/2)*(height + 3)*height

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Let the height of the triangle be h

Then the base of triangle = 2h+3, 3 more than twice its height

The area of triangle = (1/2)(base*height) = (2h+3)*h/2

Area of the triangle = h^2+3*h/2

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"3 more than twice its height"

so...let "h" represent height.

* = multiplication symbol

^ = to the power of...

the basic formula for finding the area of a triangle is


so...our base is "3 more than twice the height"

         which is 3+2h

1/2*(3+2h)*h -----------> the answer...

but when I keep going it can become


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given : base of a triangle is 3 more than twice its height.

Let height of a triangle be 'h' ,

then its base = 2h + 3

Area of atriangle (A) = (1/2) * base * height

=>  A = (1/2) * (2h + 3) * h

The expression for area of the triangle is

 A= (1/2)*h*(h+3)  ---> Answer