The base sequence for this DNA can be seen in the diagram below. This sequence is part of the code for a haemoglobin peptide chain GTAGATTGGGGTCTCCTC CATCTAACCCCAGAGGAG    <------- template strand Describe the sequence of events that allows haemoglobin to be made from this code.   (Include: What would be the corresponding mRNA sequence?How many codons and amino acids does this sequence code for? How is the primary chain of haemoglobin changed to make it function?)

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     Each codon is a triplet and codes for one amino acid.  In the strand above separating it into triplets will reveal codon and amino acid number.

CAT CTA ACC CCA GAG GAG   =  6 Amino Acids

     mRNA is a translation of DNA into a convertible protein substituting T with U.  Transcription is the first step and is already shown.  The template strand is transcribed to:


     You'll notice it is the exact opposite of the template strand.  The next step is to translate it into mRNA.  Each of the following codons codes for a particular amino acid.  I've included the actual amino acids they code for and included the link to the table. 


Amino Acid

Val Asp Trp Gly Leu Leu

     These amino acids can now combine to create a hemoglobin protein (with the addition of iron). 

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